Recycle your Water with 95% Recovery

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Recycle your Water with 95% Recovery Rate


About Aquifer Water Filtration Systems

Aquifer design & construct systems that filter & recycle numerous water sources and wastewater. The systems can be used for a very wide range of applications, including wastewater management to meet Environmental & Pollution Regulations, as well as cleaning & saving water for businesses, such as Car Wash facilities. Aquifer systems can be built to your wastewater treatment specifications and our team can assess your needs with you and provide your solution.

Aquifer can install your system quickly & efficiently and with a minimum of disruption to your business. The system is configured to enable direct connection to source of water.

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*Industrial & Commercial

*Cleaning & Washing

*Emergency Water

*Removal of Microplastics

Aquifer water filtration & recycling systems performance statistics 

Providing solutions for every last drop of water with a 95% recovery rate.

Aquifer is the environmentally friendly solutions for all.

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Environmentally Beneficial

Aquifer will supply your business with robust solutions to meet your short, medium & long term objectives towards your sustainability, environmental and water consumption goals.

Selecting the Aquifer closed loop system provides a simple solution for all sectors, including your business, to benefit from the 95% water recovery rate attained by Aquifer. Competitor systems are only able to recover 50% of water with the remaining 50% falling in to the foul sewer.


*95% water recovery rate attained


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The Aquifer Water Filtration System can be used across many applications, if you would like to find out more about its suitability for your business requirement please contact us.

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