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About us

With Aquifer systems, the recycled water is clean enough to be used on any mechanical piston operated or similar pump and removes the need for the use of Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration which is far more costly than Aquifer, both in terms of initial outlay (+100%), but also ongoing maintenance & consumables (multiples of Aquifer). Furthermore, RO systems return 50% of wastewater to the foul sewer, meaning it is not only significantly more expensive for the equipment & maintenance, but also for costs of Wastewater Management from your regional Water Treatment Company. And, of course, the environment suffers too.


Aquifer will provide ongoing technical & maintenance support to your business and can provide solutions as your business and it’s needs change & grow. If your business has specific system requirements, we will consult with you to understand your needs and to design & create a bespoke solution to match your needs with the proven system performance, it’s ease of use and, ultimately, the desired outcome of “clean recycled water”.

We are a proactive business. Customer support is our focus - our Clients, existing & new, being at the centre of our decision making process. We provide a highly personal & knowledgeable service with engineers being available to discuss technical matters with you and, where rare issues cannot be resolved remotely, our customer service representatives will aim to be on site in the UK within 24 hours. 

Aquifer - Environment


As our global climate continues to impact our natural resources, clean water has to be a priority - Saving it! Using it more efficiently! Treating it more effectively! Ensuring everyone who needs it….gets it!

If we all take more care of the water that we have & use, not only do we improve the environment but we will save money on a domestic, commercial, global & humanitarian scale. At the same time, those businesses that have to manage their wastewater and effluent can also meet ever increasing stringency of legislation and ensure that they meet their environmental objectives and responsibilities.   Aquifer systems exceed the criteria and requirements for waste water treatment to reuse or return clean water to the foul sewers. This can reduce the requirement of permits to discharge untreated effluent.

About Us


In 2015, we started a Hand Carwash in Devon. Within a short period, the water usage increased significantly, with monthly water costs exceeding £450 whilst cleaning up to 80 vehicles daily. Aquifer was conceived due to the increasing water costs, the lack of mains water, no access to a  foul sewer, a planning condition and also the environmental impact of a nature reserve within 100 metres. With a background in Engineering, we decided to undertake some internal research to assess options and see if we could resolve some of the resultant issues and though a long period of development the system was designed and used within the Carwash with great success and it was decided to expand this into other applications & markets.