Aquifer Sales Information



A typical system would have a cost of £35,000 but a quote for your specifications and requirements will be provided. 



We will provide a schedule of service and cost for your requirements and based upon your specification.

This will include:

Regular Turbidity testing service 

100 polypropylene filters, 

25 litres of Aquifer Flocculent - enough to recycle 50,000 litres or 50 1,000 litres IBC Tanks


Maintenance Costs are comparatively low due to the relative simplicity of the system.

The system has been designed to be user friendly, easily maintained

and for the customer to adopt Aquifer’s operation and maintenance schedules


Aquifer will undertake biannual maintenance including media filters - a service exchange (system age & condition dependant) may be possible to system reduce down time

Costs will be confirmed based upon the system specification, use & customer requirements.

Running Costs

Power Consumption

The Aquifer System utilises a single 230V 1hp pump for the movement & water recycling.

The system may be powered by a PV solar panel array depending upon specification.

Aquifer can provide a ground based PV solar panel system - alternatively the customer can connect directly to their own array - this is system specification dependent. 

Any misuse, unauthorised system repair/modification or maintenance be undertaken by anyone other than an Aquifer Technician, then this may result in the Warranty becoming void


Filter & Media Costs

The System uses Aquifer’s own unique blend of filter media - no need for expensive regular filter changes, membrane replacements or expensive maintenance contracts.

Whilst the lifetime of the filter media depends on how the system is used & maintained and it’s specification, my own system used in my Carwash business has not needed a change in media for 2 years.

This is achieved by ensuring that maintenance schedules are observed & recorded as failure to conduct adequate routine maintenance will adversely affect performance of the system and increase servicing of the filter media.

With no direct movement within the filters, typical media could last over 3 years before changing. Aquifer will provide a service exchange and installation service on both media filters to reduce down time. Cost of this service will be dependent upon system specification. 

Tracking or shifting, a condition that sometimes occurs within any media filter, is always possible. This arises when the media bed shifts slightly, causing fine vein like structures to open temporarily than immediately settle, close or seal, recreating the media structure.

Due to the design of Aquifer there are no direct annual maintenance costs expected. However, if issues arise then an Aquifer Engineer can visit and the cost of this will be advised & agreed in advance

UK Installation & Commissioning Service


Aquifer will install all equipment on site - where possible & practical, a site visit will be undertaken - this may be in person or virtually - and will aim to ensure the suitability and services needed

Any lifting equipment will be arranged by Aquifer to aid the installation.

This may necessitate the use of heavy lift cranes.

All systems are functionally tested on site before delivery 

Due to it’s ‘plug & play’ modular design, most installations should be completed within 24 hours Aquifer will also provide on-site training for your nominated individual and will be aligned to the provided Aquifer user/operation manual.




Aquifer will check the Nephelometric Turbidity Units (NTU) clarity for the recycled water - once <4.0 NTU has been achieved, the system will be deemed compliant and will be transferred to the customer.