Aquifer Filtration Performance



Laboratory test results confirm that Aquifer can remove diverse and numerous chemicals & elements including:

  •     Calcium

  •     Oil & Grease

  •     Sodium

  •     Manganese


95% Recovery


  •     Suitable for consumption in excess of 4M3 per day

  •     Low Sludge Output

  •     Inorganic reusable water

  •     Low Turbidity (<1.25 NTU)


The Environment


  •    Enabling COSHH Compliance

  •    High Recovery & Low Sludge Output

  •    Reduce Your Water Consumption by up to 95% 

  •    Minimise the Environmental Impact of Your Business

Key Features


Low Power Consumption

The Aquifer Wastewater Treatment System Recycles Water With Minimal Effort:

    220/240 Electrical Consumer Board

 Can be powered by PV Solar Array



    Mobile System



 Mainframe 1300 x 1500 x 1800cm

 Tank set up 2000 x 1500 cm



Modular Systems 

Systems can be adapted to meet many specific requirements and applications

Running Costs

Power Consumption

The Aquifer System utilises a single 230V 1hp pump for the movement & water recycling.

The system may be powered by a PV solar panel array depending upon specification.

Aquifer can provide a ground based PV solar panel system - alternatively the customer can connect directly to their own array - this is system specification dependent. 

Any misuse, unauthorised system repair/modification or maintenance be undertaken by anyone other than an Aquifer Technician, then this may result in the Warranty becoming void

Please see below our incredible professional test results!